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Rock Music and Classical Music Against Violence !

QUEBEC, Canada, February 10, 2009  - In their efforts to counter violence, a Canadian rock musician and a classical pianist from The Netherlands, come together to offer a piece a free music. 

For the whole year 2009, Robert Beriau, progressive rock musician, offers «Time Fracture», and Jorgos, classical pianist, offers recording of his interpretation of «Moonlight Sonata» from Beethoven, for free download.

«Providing this music is our modest way to express the horror of rising violence as seen over the world in recent years. If music can help improve collaboration and hamony between poeple, we would be happy to participate in our humble way»


- The song "Time Fracture".

"This song was written in memory of Catherine Bourbonnière, a young canadian women who was murdered in her home in Quebec City in 2006. Offering this song is my modest way to express the horror of violence against women."

To download "Time Fracture", by Robert Beriau,  click on this link:
Download Time_Fracture.mp3


- Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata", played by Jorgos on a Steinway grand piano

I would also sincerely thank Jorgos, a great pianist from The Netherlands, who joins me in this message of non violence, to offer you one of the most extraordiairy piano pieces to ever have been written, "Moonlight Sonata" from Beethoven. You can listen to other songs from Jorgos on 

To download "Moonlight Sonata", played by Jorgos,  click on this link:
Download Moonlight.mp3



Exclusivily to my website, I offer you a free «ringtone» for your cellular/mobile phone. This exclusive ringtone is from «Last Call For A Change» on «Selfihness: Source of War & Violence» album.

RINGTONE of Robert's Music : Click Here for Free Download

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