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"Selfishness : Source of War & Violence"

All lyrics by Robert Beriau © 2008

1 – Agoraphobia
Oh no ! Here it comes again
Drowned in the crowd
Hunched in my mind
I shall get out ,
Let me get out !

Ah ! I am terrified
Strange language fills my head
Queer sentiment floods my veins
My heart swells !
Pain dragged me down to the ground.

They turn out the lights
Blind to my sorrows
Insane, these morons think I am !
There is no hiding-place

I am me !
You know who I am !
Better be, imperfect me,
Than a prince or princess
Clever only to wear
Useless fashion dress !

Nice to be me, unruly and free !
2 - Terrorism: a two actors play
In a suburb of a foreign city
The Man alone, only seeks to survive,
An open heart to fraternize

One looks at what he appears to be
Judging the fantom
Which its clothing surround
The person in his appearing
Not ..... who he is !

His culture, religion and functions
The money he has,
The color of his skin,
One forgets the gestures he poses,
The words that he dares.

He seems so arrogant and aggressive,
Walking down on this side of YOUR street
Look at him in the eyes,
You’ll see your own reflection,

Will you really see any difference?
Simply because you were born
On opposite continents ?
You in opulence, him in poverty ?
Both in indifference and violence ?

Seek for the smile in the eyes of this enemy
Calm his and your anger
Show him the sufferings around us
Don’t let him believe any more
That he cannot change this war history,
…You both can, you both can
…We all have to !
3 - Blind Heart ( instrumental )
4 - Last Call for a change ( instrumental )
5 - The Rats leave the sinking ship
Greenhouse gases continue to rise,
As global temperatures,
Melting Artic and Antartica,
Worldwide rising sea levels,
Rising pollution in tropospheric ozone,
Stonger heat waves, cold waves, storms,
floods and droughts.
…Ah! Just look what we’ve done !

Leaders still act as stupid puppets,
Rejecting the Kyoto agreement,
100 years of human development
Is now a treat
To the millions of years of planet Earth.
(Are they intellectually blind ?)

I just hope that
With my recycling of goods,
The reduced use of my car,
That I am now green in my yard,
…..It will not be too late !
Just don’t relied on our leaders.

Fucking politiciens, where are you?
……did they left ?
6 - Selfcontempt behavior or social poverty ( instrumental )
7 - Time Fracture
This song is dedicated to Catherine Bourbonnière who was murdered in 2006
Children’s baggages,
Filled with laughts and intentions,
Just left on the quay of adults,
Tied with love from family,
Kindness of close friends,
You belong here !

One knock at my door,
Darkness slowly surrounds us,
Whispering that in violence,
Long time after love was gone,
This coward assasinated you !

At the dawn of a woman life,
Instructed by Lucifer,
Death snaps the door
It would have taken just a moment,
To vanish from our soul,
The flame of your beliefs.

I am crying with your friends,
I cry because it would have been
so easy for us,
To preserve our courage to make a change,
To pursue these dreams which we had
one day sworn,
At your age, to realize.
It’s so sad !
It’s so sad !

Thank you to have been you
… To have been part of our life !
8 - Toughts are not enough (instrumental)
9 – Homeless … (if only ! )
Strange noises arround us
Life values no longer exist
Only memories remain
….Bitterness of the past !

I did’nt knew what to do
Nor even cry out for you
And as it happens
Lament won’t forgives indifference

You survived just on your own
Itinerancy as residence
Every day there with your smile
Even if our spectres
Were repellent to your eyes

Indifference comes from those
Who do not have courrage
People with fears
That you might steal their soul

When your eyes crossed mine
Without doubt, we both knew
That even dressed different,
We are just mirror and image !

The sky today turned gray.
Sitting on your park bench,
He informed me,
That you had fled
This morning, not even 20
……..just killed yourself !

This song is for you,
Hoping that my regrets,
Will never leave me
Now… I am different !
10 - Hoping on the next generation (instrumental)

Art Work by Robert Beriau - ©2006-2008 Robert Beriau - Beriau International Records