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November 3, 2008

Since last week, "Selfishness: Source of War & Violence" is available on-line from web-stores (see "weblinks" section) and in many retail stores around the world as :

in Canada:

-Archambault Music
-CD du Faubourg
-Sillon Le Disquaire

in USA:

-FYE stores
-Target stores
-Virgin Megastore
-All stores related to Burnside
-And Tower Records coming soon

In Europe & Asia:

-HMV (Asia)
-Musea (Europe)
-Virgin Megastore (Europe and Asia)

For some other music retails stores, only one copy is kept in inventory or available on command only... so don't hesitate to request for the album.

...And a special thanks to Peter Hammill for his performance at the Palais Montcalm, in Quebec . . .

WHAT ... A ... SHOW !

Peter Hammill... a real and authentic artist ! PH has offered a really memorable spectacle in the best acoustic hall in Canada. He was never recognized to have a very beautiful voice, but this is precisely what he does with his voice which distinguishes him !.... But, wow, what a PRESENCE ! ...This was the 7 th times I had the privilege to attend one of his tour (first time was in 1974 when he was solo in first part of Genesis) and I realize he is just like a "grand cru" ... he improves with years! (In fact he delivered this memorable spectacle with a single glass of red wine close to him). The intensity and the emotion he delivered on stage, only with a Steinway grand piano and his guitar, are incomparable to any other musician or artist.

The deep silence across the hall all along his show (not even a fly!) testifies of a very special appreciation from the audience!

Really nice work Mr. Hammill, I hope . . . « this will ... come again ! »


October 14, 2008

Welcome into my refreshed website !

Since september 1st, my second album is available on my website. It was also released into retail stores (CD) and webstores (CD and download) since yesterday(see "weblinks" section for stores list).

I am very proud of this second solo album. I put many, many, (too many !) hours over the last 3 years composing, recording, refining, mixing and editing this music, so it will reflect, at the end, exactly what I intended to create.

Whit this album, I had the privilege to discover and work with great musicians : Catherine and her marvelous "warm" voice, the creativity of Elad on drums, and Lee with his sensitivity and the presence of his play (what a gifted drummer !)... thanks for your patience !

I deeply hope you will spend as great time listening to these songs as I had to create them ! Some songs will take several listenings before appreciating all their subtleties... so give them a chance ! Thanks to Marc-Olivier Bouchard from SNB Reference Mastering (Montreal) and to Nancy from Moonlight Mastering in Texas for their collaboration, patience and advices !


November 18, 2007

Yesterday, Patricia Barber and her jazz quartet did a really exceptionnal performance in Quebec City, even if the had not slept (their flight was delayed by 7 hours related to a computer failure).

Patricia Barber (piano & vocal), Neal Alger (guitars), Micheal Arnapol (Bass) and Eric Montzka (drums) had a awesome complicity on stage and it reflects over the "communion" with their plublic... they also had the chance to perform at the Palais Montcalm, a mediaum size classic hall (980 seats) newly rebuilt with exceptional acoustic specifications.

"Wish you were here!"... this quartet could also be seen most mondays evening at the Green Mills in Chicago.


October 6, 2007

Tonight Gary Burton ( vibraphones) and Makoto Ozone (Steinway grand piano) have performed a really nice "intimate" jazz show into a " refreshed new hall " in my home town ....the accoustic was exceptionnal ! ...Great , great musicians


September 15, 2007

Yesterday I went to the Genesis show "Turn it on Again" in Montreal.....or I might it call " Turned it Off ". The sound was horrible on the ground level (as always inside the Olympic Stadium) and the songs selection from the band did not reflected the "prog history" of Genesis...too much "pop oriented" ! .....easy show, just for the money..not for the fans !


June 5, 2007

Last night I was attending the Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) show in my home town. I can’t remember the last time I have seen such a show: visual effects as it was in the ‘70s and ‘80s for the Pink Floyd’s shows but with more reserve, and sound quality as if we were sitting in a theatre ( or almost !).

What a gentleman Roger Waters is. He did 3 to 4 shows per week in different cities since the last 3 months and he still give you the impression they performed it for the first time ! We have really appreciated his kindness when they played “Wish you were here” and with the oversized screen projected tapes, pictures and private moments they spent with Roger “Syd” Barrett ( their long time friend and co-founder of Pink Floyd in the ‘60s) who died last year.

A great show wich let us appreciate real good music and a perfect gentleman !


May 2, 2007


For the last 8 months, I was working on my next progressive rock album. The recording sessions are over now and I will spend the next months "refining" the mix and the mastering before going with the glass master.

Also since january, my first album (Falling Back To Where I Began) is available in Japan and also on MP3 download in Asia at Aladin Music Japan and also at Windows Media and at MSN shopping .


January 3, 2007


Best wishes for 2007. I hope you will be doing all you have planned to do over the coming months....and most of all, staying healthy while listening to good music !


November 8, 2006

For the next few weeks, I will be in studios to record my second solo album. It will be launched on the market in the middle of 2007.

Thank you to CHUO-FM (89,1FM Ottawa) for adding my music into its programming.


August 21, 2006

Several radio stations and webradio are playing songs from my album. Thank you to AFK radio in Munich (94,5FM Germany) and to Baja Prog Webradio in Mexico (Baja Webradio).

Actually, I am working on my second solo album. I am planning to get back in studios for recording in the middle of november.


June 13, 2006

Thank you to Digital Dream Door to have chosen me on their "spotlight" as " progressive rock artist for june 2006 " and to iO Magazine (The Netherlands) for their review of my album on the june issue of their progressive rock printed magazine !


May 11, 2006


Several radio stations are playing songs from my album (see the section “listening”) ..... A special thank to station FM 105,5 of Rio de Janeiro for its impact in Brazil and to Progrock radio in New-York area!


March 3rd, 2006


Today we are launching this new website and you are amongst the first thank you ! Hope you will appreciate the work we have done and most of all...what you will be listening to ! So don't hesitate to e-mail me any comments/suggestions/questions you might have and I will get back to you !


December 21st, 2005

Canadian progressive rock musician Robert Beriau, who has been composing for the last 25 years, has just released his first solo album.

This new CD, “Falling back to where I began” is in stores since december 19th, 2005. Songs are:

  1. Anyone's life: Humble story in mankind
  2. those left behind
  3. Darkness
  4. Looking Back
  5. Night running at -30C: the warm-up
  6. Night running at -30C: The Cruising Zone
  7. The Cycle of Love: Part 1,2,3,4
  8. Fell


Novembre 30, 2005

Robert and his colleagues of Qwaarn, a progressive rock band from Canada, are entering into session at “B+ Studios” for the second album of Qwaarn ( to be released in mid 2006)

listen_mini.gif, 0 kB Listen
Selfishness : Source of War & Violence
Mastered by Nancy Matter at Moonlight Mastering, Austin, USA

10 songs, 65 m 17s
Genre of music: rock / prog rock / soft progmetal /symphonic rock

This is my second solo album. also a concept album, the lyrics and the music decry the abyss that exists between rich and poor countries, and how every personnal gesture is so important. Flute-driven melody, sober use of mellotron, phaser sax and acoustic guitar, dark piano talking to synthetizers and electric guitar, the melodies are somewhere very complex... but always in harmony. Several musicians were invited to contribute to this album:

  • Catherine Denis Gagnon - mezzo-soprano coloratura from Canada ( back vocals )
  • Elad Fish - drummer from Los Angeles
  • Lee Levin – drummer from Miami (he played with major artists as Christina Aguilara, Barbra Streisand, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira)

listen_mini.gif, 0 kB Listen
Falling Back To Where I Began
Mastered by Renee Marc Aurele at SNB Mastering, Montreal, Canada

8 Songs, 63m24s
Genre of music: art rock / progressive rock/ alternative (instrumental)

“Falling back to where I began” is a instrumental symphonic prog album ( but the presence of nice melody lines replaces vocals very well), very spacey and mystical songs make reference to major events in everybody’s life. This is really a concept album as all pieces go together with the same music, sound line and “mood”. It offers a pretty dosage of synthetizer, acoustical piano and guitar, electric guitar with special effects (routed sometimes within synthetizers) and a subtile use of saxophones that reflects Van der Graaf Generator influence into my music.

Art Work by Robert Bériau - ©2006-2008 Robert Beriau - Beriau International Records